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My name is Mikhail Moiseyev, and I am IT manager.
I love web technologies, so I support this website. It is built on standard technologies: Linux and Nginx with Docker. I'm also using it as a personal VPN served by Wireguard, and it's a hosting for Python Telegram bots.

About me

I'm IT professional: started as E-commerce websites developer, grew to become international projects coordinator.
I was a member of the Insurance Union committee to work on the National Insurance OpenAPI standard.

Professional in the development of Internet projects. I know how to build the development process, the strengths and weaknesses of different technologies. I am able to explain the differences to other people. Have a good understanding of how different informational systems are structured and love to explain it to employees. Love standards, and have a deep understanding of how basic protocols work.

Well documented various aspects of the IT department. Developed from scratch an IT department regulation, implemented BCM policy according to ISO 22301, information security policy according to ISO 27001. Participated as a responsible employee in KPMG and Central Bank audits, led PCI DSS certification projects for online stores.

I like to set goals and achieve them. I like to work with independent and intelligent people. I prefer to eliminate the cause of the problem rather than the consequences. I was engaged in combat fencing, achieved the handicap in weightlifting, in my spare time I like to ride a road bike.

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